Eri Combs

Baker and Culinary Educator.


She was born in and grew up in Japan. After graduating from University, in Korea, she moved to the USA. Currently she is living in the Bay Area with her husband and 3 children.

~I want to share the joy of homemade food~
I grew up in the countryside in Japan. My mom had a strong will and vowed not to get bread or sweets from the store, so we always had eaten homemade bread or snacks. I started helping mom bake bread and learned naturally.

In my cooking class, we make bread by kneading it ourselves. We make udon or spaghetti from scratch. We bake cakes from scratch and decorate them. Those things sound very complicated and unnecessary to learn in this era, but they’re fresh experiences for children who can be amazed and discover something new.

Even now I can’t forget my first baking class. They cried out with joy when I took out everybody’s bread from a oven. I still want to share such joy and surprise with more people. It motivates me to keep teaching how to bake, and I continue to bake bread with the motto “Gentle bread that people want to eat everyday”.