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We are making handmade bread locally in the bay area. I want as many people as possible to know the taste of warm homemade bread.

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Bread you want to eat every day

Homemade food are more delicious than restaurant food. Bread is no different. Bread that you want to eat every day is gentle bread. It makes you feel at ease. Softly bite, another bite. How about a loaf of homemade bread that will make you feel good today as well?


The joy of homemade taste

Today's society is wealthy. We live in a time when you can eat as much as you like every day. Because of such a convenient and rich life, I feel nostalgic when I think of traditional handmade bread. Eri's Bakery also has a "Handmade bread class". Bake joy into every bite by making bread made with your own hands. Shall we eat handmade bread? Won't you make handmade bread with us?

Handmade Bread Class

Today we'll bake delicious bread again

Handmade bread is tastiest fresh out of the oven. We also deliver fresh bread. What will you eat today?

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